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The Old Motors Club (OMC) is Malta’s leading and biggest organisation catering for enthusiasts of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles, aiming at promoting the preservation, restoration, use and enjoyment of old cars, as well as road safety. The OMC has over three hundred members who between them own more than one thousand vehicles.

A small group of friends who had been holding a number of old motors shows in aid of charity, decided to form the OMC in 1989. Regular events and activities are the mainstay of the Club, and these include static shows, time consistency runs, evening runs, and Sunday runs. Some of the events are organised by the Club itself, while others are held together with other bodies. There is an endless list of events in which the OMC is asked to participate to enhance and embellish the proceedings. For the majority of these events, the Club has two uppermost thoughts – fund raising for charity, and contributing to the further well being and development of the local community in its various spheres.

Activities are not limited to the island, but feature several trips to neighbouring Sicily, as well as trips to motors shows in England. The Club also acts as a guide and host to regular visits to Malta by old motors clubs from overseas, that request advice and guidance in order to maximise their local trip.

The OMC maintains contact with its numerous local members, as well as several who hail from abroad, through the publication of a monthly Newsletter. This features reports on current events, members stories, as well as forthcoming activities.

Operating from its premises in Lija, the OMC does not work in isolation, but forms part of several bodies to help achieve its aims. These include the Federazzjoni Maltija Vetturi Antiki (Malta Old Vehicles Federation), as well as the European Road Safety Charter. It also acts as a pressure group to achieve better benefits and conditions for its members.

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